Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway: James Sorts It Out Set-Kidding Around NYC


Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway: James Sorts It Out Set

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Wooden Railway Play Set with 8"x10" Hard cover book included. Set includes Steam Works, Colin the crane, Cargo Loader, Bridge, Barrel Loader, James with special deco, Victor, Kevin, Cargo car, wood block cargo, 3 barrel cargos, plastic crate cargo that fits over James boiler, and a cargo tray. The Steam Works has a sliding track that the child can use to slide the engine into the steam works for pretend repairs. The kids can use the tethered paint brush and wrench to pretend to fix and paint the trains. The paint barrel has a knob that you rotate to select different paint colors. The colors are on a paper label that rotates with the knob. Colins arm can reach three different track locations. The track locations are decorated with yellow and black stripes. He can also reach the cargo tray in front of the track. Plastic crate cargo has a cutout so it can fit over James boiler. This makes it look like the crate was dropped on top of James, and he has to go to the steam works to have it removed. Kids can use Kevins hook to lift the magnetic crate cargo off of James. All other parts of the set are existing items.