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Survival Science Lab

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Get ready to harness the power of nature! Survival Science Kit gives you secret hacks for backyard survival. In this kit, youll learn things like how to cook in a solar oven and how to make clean drinking water. Engineers do projects like this all over the world, and now, you can try them for yourself!

Be Amazing! Toys has partnered with Hank green, co-creator of the incredibly popular YouTube channel SciShow to launch universe unboxed! Each kit also has its own YouTube playlist where host Hank green walks you through the experiments and tells you the science behind how and why it works!

Teach your kids to survive in the great outdoors! Make your own compass, filtration system and solar oven.

Kit includes materials and tools to get you started: solar oven, 3 plastic funnels, filter paper, magnet, aluminum foil, thermometer, petri dish, plastic tube, and compass card; plus gravel, sand, active carbon, super-absorbent jelly crystals, iron filing, and calcium chloride.
Easy to follow instruction guide takes you through 20 experiments.

For ages 8+. This is a great kit to get elementary school aged children up and running on the matter, polymers, and the mystery of it all!