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Squap Pop Paddles

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Ball catch game -- squap ball toss game for kids and adults can be played indoors or outside. Winner of family fun, parents magazine and learning express best toy awards
Toss & catch -- open the squap mitt to launch your ball with pop-muchh easier than tearing paddle balls off a game mitt! Catch ball with the snap of your hand!
Indoor game -- tossing balls are soft enough to play an indoor catch game without breaking things. Stray toss balls bounce off things and people with no harm
Toss set -- comes with 2 squap paddle catch mitts and 4 soft plastic balls. Kids throwing balls store in the squap catching mitt—and thus no lost tossing balls!
Learn to catch -- squab mitt catches like a baseball glove, but with a snap—a fun way to teach kids to play catch. This throw game for kids develops hand-eye coordination!
Outdoor game -- kids throwing game is ideal as a beach toss game, picnic game, or fun yard game for kids. A catch game for kids ages 6+