Spinos Battle Trax Challenge-Kidding Around NYC


Spinos Battle Trax Challenge

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Build your own challenge with the Spinos Trax Challenge! Spinos is a force field ball that is controlled with the power ring. When you spin it, a force field is created around the ball. You can then use the power ring to remotely control the magnetosphere with no batteries or electricity. Build your track and test your skills. Get your sphere spinning on a smooth surface. Use the power ring to control the Spinos up the ramp and over your course. Keep trying until you have completed the course. Compete with friends to see who can get the farthest the fastest! Start over if your Spinos falls off the trax or sticks to the ring. There are tons of challenges! There are different sets and you can collect and connect them all. Everything works together so the more you get the bigger, harder, more fun your trax system becomes. Comes with one Spinos, one power ring and 5 piece Trax system: 2 Ramps/See-saws, 1 Tightrope, 2 Connectors. Powered by magnets. No batteries required. Ages 6+.