Spin Balls Led Poi Kit-Kidding Around NYC


Spin Balls Led Poi Kit

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PAINT THE AIR WITH LIGHT AND COLOR: LED Light -up set of glowing LED poi attached to adjustable leashes. Beautiful lights with 8 different settings and soft core design. Fun to do and learn!
ANYONE CAN SPIN: This inexpensive, unique light up ball toy appeals to kids & adults. From beginner to advanced, you can impress friends at parties, festivals & camping, just practice for fun!
"EIGHT LIGHT MODES & LOADS OF COLOR: Patterns include: Rainbow Fade, Solid Color, Rainbow Fade Strobe – green, red, blue, Rainbow Strobe, Flame, White & White Dotted Pattern. "
BENEFITS: Practicing and learning spinning, or Poi, is a fun way to get up and move! Teaches mental and physical coordination, rhythm, improves self esteem and creates beautiful shows for everyone!
ALL GAIN WITHOUT THE PAIN: Our durable Spinballs are lightweight, weighing in at 3 ounces per ball, double loop handle leashes adjust 12-24". The soft core design makes a hit in practice no big deal!