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Who's the best wordsmith in your family? Find out when you play the classic word-building game, Scrabble. Only legitimate words allowed – no slang or names. You'll need to rely upon every word skill you have to make the most of only seven letters at a time. With a little luck, you might just get the highest scoring word in the game. Everyone starts out with a hand of seven letter tiles. Starting from the center of the crossword-style board, the first player uses their tiles to make a word. Build upon each word, crossword style. Gain points from each tile along with bonus squares on the board such as the coveted triple word score. Make the most of each letter to become the Scrabble champ! Highlights: Enjoy the classic word game that has been around for more than 75 years Contents: Gameboard 100 Letter tiles 4 Tile racks 1 Drawstring Letter Bag Game Guide