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Rubiks Flip

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FLIP IT, BLOCK IT, WIN IT - The Rubik’s Flip is a fast-moving game of strategy, with only 8 moves per player. The winner is the first player to get 3 tiles of the same colour in a row. This game from Rubik’s sounds simple but is a challenge to master
WIN OR LOSE IN 8 MOVES - The Rubik’s Flip board game is all about quick thinking. It’s player 1 against player 2, armed with 8 turns and 8 double-sided coloured pieces. Great fun for kids and adults – Flip it, block it, win it!
MATCH THE COLOURS - The winner is the first player to place 3 tiles of the same colour in a row which cannot be flipped
READY, SET, FLIP - Every tile has 2 colours, and can be matched horizontally, vertically and diagonally
TAKE IT EVERYWHERE - The Rubik’s flip has a foldable game board for easy storage, 8 red/blue Rubik’s tiles, 8 yellow/white Rubik’s tiles, and comes with easy to follow instructions

For ages 7+