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Horse Tack Shop (9401)

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Choose the perfect riding accessories at the horse tack shop. Coordinate the colors of the saddle and reins to match your horse. If you arent sure which pieces will be the best fit, use the horse mannequin to try it on and see how everything will look together. For even more fun, combine this set with the rest of the Playmobil shopping theme (#9078-9081, #9401  each sold separately)! Set includes two adult figures, one child figure, multiple saddles, riding hats, grooming tools, trophy, display baskets, haystack, checkout counter, laptop, and many other accessories. Dimensions: 13. 7 x 10. 2 x 7. 3 in (LxWxH). recommended for ages five years and up.

Figures: 2 women, 1 girl
Animals: 1 butterfly
Accessories: 1 equestrian shop, 1 counter, 1 goods compartment, 1 laptop, 1 fence, 1 box with lid, 1 box without lid, 2 baskets, 1 bucket, 1 bundle of hay, 1 wooden horse, 2 saddles, 2 saddle covers, 1 whip, 4 bandages, 6 halters, 1 halter with line, 3 crops, 3 lead ropes, 1 trophy, 2 tournament ribbons, 2 sprayers, 2 jars of horse oil, 2 packs of horse feed, 3 bags of horse snacks, 2 tubes, 1 scarf, 1 ruff, 2 pairs of gloves, 1 riding helmet, 2 riding caps, 2 top hats, 1 cap, 8-piece horse accessories for cleaning

Recommended for ages 5 and up.