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Horse-Drawn Ballista (9341)

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Protect the fortress with the horse-drawn ballista. The functioning ballista can fire three arrows consecutively, while the horses can move it to whichever location works best. Combine this set with the rest of the PLAYMOBIL dwarf Kingdom theme (#9340-9345 sold separately) to fully bring the story to life! Set includes three dwarf fighters, two ponies, ballista, fire arrows, bow and arrows, shield, battle axes, and many other accessories. Recommended for ages five years and up. 

Figures: 3 dwarf fighters

Animals: 2 ponies

Accessories: 1 dwarf ballista, 1 drawbar, 4 drawstrings, 2 collars, 1 flag, 3 fire projectiles, 1 torch, 1 knights helmet, 1 hood, 1 headgear with antlers, 1 bag, 3 holders, 1 shield, 1 knife, 1 sword, 1 crossbow, 1 pole axe, 1 double-edged axe, 1 bow, 2 quivers with arrows, 1 walking stick