Plan Toys Banjo



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Product description

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – Not for children under 3 years. Plan Toys well-designed Banjo will fascinate and help children learn the different sounds they can make while strumming the different cords. With the unique appearance and function of banjo, children can use their fingers to play and create sound which is a good way to practice fine motor skill which also influences hand-eye coordination and listening ability. Children are amazed by the sound created while using their fingers to play the banjo, this is a good way to let them experiment where the sound comes from and also help develop their concentration and problem solving skills.

From the Manufacturer

Plan Toy Banjo is a four string tune-able beginner's banjo. It is constructed from sturdy hardwood, latex and nylon strings. This is made to stand up to a preschooler's play. Children can learn to strum and finger the strings to produce different notes. The Banjo is a fun introduction to the world of stringed instruments.

  • Children Learn Different Notes While Strumming And Fingering The Strings
  • A Child Sized Version Of A Real Banjo
  • Has Four Tune Able Nylon Strings
  • Great Toy For Developing Fine Motor Skills Rhythm And An Interest In Music
  • This Toy Is Made From All Natural Organic Recycled Rubber Wood And Water Based Dyes