Pepper-Mint-In-The-Daring Escape From Hidden Island-Kidding Around NYC


Pepper-Mint-In-The-Daring Escape From Hidden Island

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Join Pepper Mint, a creative young engineer, as she sets off on a scientific adventure to find the mysterious hidden island.
Build an island experiment-and-play station that includes a solar panel with photovoltaic Cell, A solar Thermal tower with pinwheel, a small boat with solar-powered vibrating motor, and more!
Includes a 24-page, full-color storybook manual and experiment guide as well as a scale pepper Mint figurine.
Fun, character-driven STEM kit that investigates the topic of solar power-energyy from the sun-andd its useful applications.
Island Playset can be used as the setting for your own unique Explorations and stories; combine with models from other award-winning pepper Mint STEM kits to embark on a creative and educational playtime adventure, limited only by ones imagination!