Ooze Labs Alien Slime Lab-Kidding Around NYC


Ooze Labs Alien Slime Lab

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Mix up four different types of slime and conduct scientific tests to identify them!
Real STEM learning with a fun, fictional storyline, you are the lead chemist in your very own out-of-this-world Laboratory and its your job to identify ufos-unidentifiedd funky oozes!
Conduct viscosity tests on the slime, disect it with tweezers and a plastic scalpel, cut out a brain shape, Stamp it with an alien head, and add eyes to your Alien slime!
Safety : includes safe, non-toxic materials (does not contain borax) and an instruction manual that guides experimentation and offers engaging scientific information.
Compatible with other kits in the ooze labs line; Use the UFO Alien slime lab station independently, or combine it with other ooze labs stations to create the ultimate chemistry Laboratory!
A parents Choice Recommended award winner