My Fairy Garden Unicorn Paradise-Kidding Around NYC


My Fairy Garden Unicorn Paradise

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Plant: using the included soil, gardening tools, and seeds (and following the Suggestions in the leaflet!), plant your fairy garden. You can also add your own seeds, plants or flowers, too!
Grow: nurture your garden by making sure it gets some sunlight and the right amount of water. Soon you will see Sprouts, then plants, and eventually some flowers! Be patient…flowers take many weeks to bloom.
Play: as your garden grows, and after its fully bloomed, you can play in your fairy garden! Have lots of fun with Dahlia the fairy, pebbles the turtle and celeste the glittery unicorn! Fly over or gaze at the Rainbow, hang out in the sparkly rock cave and charming Toadstool house…the play possibilities are endless!
Customize: add your own pebbles, stones and accessories to decorate however you want!
Magical gift: put a smile on a child age 4 and up by giving the give of a unicorn fairy garden Playset! Organic Forget-Me-Not Indigo Blue
Organic Garnet Red Amaranthus
Organic Arugula
Organic Chicory
Organic Endive/Escarole
Organic Salad Bowl Greens
Organic Black Seeded Simpson
Organic Buttercrunch
Organic Red Giant Mustard
Organic Dill
Organic Slow Bolt Cilantro