My Fairy Garden Tree Hollow-Kidding Around NYC


My Fairy Garden Tree Hollow

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Plant, Grow, Play
You get everything you need to create a real garden
Using the included soil and seeds, plant your very own fairy garden and watch it grow.

Add your own flowers or seeds, too--the possibilities are endless. Maybe even decorate with some stones or other fun things you have.

Nurture your garden
Check on it every day and water it as needed. Make sure it gets sunlight, too.

Fairy fun
Play with your fairy garden and use your imagination to have lots of fun. Organic Forget-Me-Not Indigo Blue
Organic Garnet Red Amaranthus
Organic Arugula
Organic Chicory
Organic Endive/Escarole
Organic Salad Bowl Greens
Organic Black Seeded Simpson
Organic Buttercrunch
Organic Red Giant Mustard
Organic Dill
Organic Slow Bolt Cilantro