Monkey Business Stack & Play-Kidding Around NYC


Monkey Business Stack & Play

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Lil Classics from Schylling, classic play from yesterday redesigned for today’s toddler. Possibly the perfect preschool toys, these are beloved classic playthings designed to delight, engage, educate and entertain. Designed with just the right amount of added whimsey for long term delightful play. Sit down, unplug and let your imagination soar.

  • Channel your inner Kong as you build a cityscape with the 8 interlocking solid wood blocks, then hang the gorilla wherever you want.
  • The solid base piece keeps everything aligned and stable while you create your city skyline masterpiece.
  • The solid wood pieces are durable; the non-toxic, child safe paints keep the pieces looking great and can standup to even the most enthusiastic builder.
  • Helps build fine motor skills, problem solving, balance and sequencing.
  • For ages 3 years old and up.