Lucus Tower


Lucus Tower

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EDUCATIONAL PLAY: Challenge children to use logical-thinking and problem-solving skills to order the rods and disks from biggest to smallest. Learn to distinguish between size, color and sequence! Concentration ability and hand-eye coordination are improved through play as well.
HOW TO PLAY: For beginners, categorize the pieces from smallest to largest to learn about different sizes and colors. Encourage free play! For intermediate play, challenge children to play as directed. Place the disks in proper order and balance them appropriately. For advanced play, place all disks onto one rod with the biggest on bottom and smallest on top under the condition that only 1 disk can be moved at a time. Remember: a bigger disk cannot be placed on top of a smaller one! Continue playing until all disks are moved over to other rods.
SUPPORTS DEVELOPMENT: Helps develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, concentration ability, problem-solving skills and more. Set includes 1 wooden base board with 3 rods and 5 disks varying in size. Suitable for children ages 3 years and older.