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Lawn Darts Glow in the Dark

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Pick the feather birdie you'd like to use, stand at a distance of 5' to 30', and see how long you can go without dropping it. Play on a hard surface and watch the birdie bounce to give you a second chance at your record. The package contains 2 fluorescent colored wooden paddles, 6 birdies; 2 yellow for fast, 2 red for slow play and 2 orange led birdies to play at night. Feathers are glued to the birdie tip with special water-resistant glue so you can play in and around any body of water. Jazzminton is a great gift idea for kids, teens or adults of pretty much any age. All-season racquet paddle ball game which takes the best of badminton, ping pong, pickle ball or even tennis or squash. Ridiculously fun for pool parties, kid's birthday parties, school pe classes, family reunions or any other type of events. It's a fun toy for boys and girls, playing for fun or competitively. 1-2 player game for ages 6 years of age and up. Colors will vary.