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Lab In A Bag Test Tube Adventures

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This kit is a collection of five amazing, stand alone, easy science experiments, each contained in an unbreakable test tube. Each test tube contains up to three cool activities and lots of science learning fun.

Twenty amazing activities inside! The test tubes can be used again and again after the experiments are done, and your kit contains a list of experiment ideas to get you started.

SUPER COOL SCIENCE - Have you ever wanted to touch a bubble without popping it or make crystals in your own home? The Be Amazing Science Kit allows you to make the coolest experiments easily in your own kitchen or backyard. There are more than 15 activities included and its nothing like youve seen in your science class.

EVERYTHING YOU NEED - Aside from adding water here and there, everything you need to complete these tests is included in this convenient carrying case. From test tubes to instructions and ingredients, youve got it all. And when youre done, just clean everything out and pack it all back into your lab bag because no one likes a messy science lab.

LEARN CHEMISTRY EARLY - Its never too soon to become the new Einstein or Newton. Start some serious science as young as 8 years old with the Test Tube Adventures. This is a great way to get away from electronics and monitors and move forward with educational and mentally stimulating toys. Inspire a love of science early and watch it bloom into a career.

STEM LEARNING TOY - Based on the idea of educating kids in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, STEM learning is essential for all children with imaginative and curious minds. This toy helps kids explore those fields of study by bringing fun classroom experiments home making playtime more educational and expanding their inquiring minds.

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Package contains (1) Be Amazing! Lab in a Bag Rest Tube Adventures Set. Includes 5 large plastic test tubes with lids, plastic test tube rack, 30mL bottle blue worm goo, 5g worm goo activator, 10g pre-colored crystals, 17mL touchable bubbles, 16mL disappearing ink, 10g bouncing ball powder, 1 plastic ball mold, 5 pieces of pH paper, plastic pipette, and instructions. Recommended for 8+ years.