Kitty In My Pocket Collectible Blind Bags Series 3 (Assorted)-Kidding Around NYC


Kitty In My Pocket Collectible Blind Bags Series 3 (Assorted)

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Kitty In My Pocket Blind Bag Series 3. Blind bag Surprise collectible figure toys. Each bag has one figure which measures 1.5 inches, and comes packaged in a blind bag so kids wont know whats inside until they open it. Cut or tear open the bag to reveal one mystery figure. Each kitty also comes with a collectors guide. The figures have fuzzy flocked bodies and are small enough to fit in a pocket. Kids can add more pups to their litter with the Kitty In My Pocket Series 3 Collectible Figures from Just Play. Series 3 includes 29 new kitties of different breeds. Recommended for kids ages 4 and up, Series 3 will be great for kids who are already fans of the line but will also appeal to kids who love cats, and enjoy opening blind bags, or collecting mini figures. Great for Party Favors!