Kullerbu Accessory Set - Flower Power Arch With Ball Betty & Flower Convertible-Kidding Around NYC


Kullerbu Accessory Set - Flower Power Arch With Ball Betty & Flower Convertible

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The Flower Power car and ball set make a great addition to any Kullerbu set. The track piece can be combined to expand any track set. And the archway will give the track a summer feel. Includes: 1 archway, 1 straight track, 1 ball convertible, 1 ball Betty Bloomer, 2 connectors, 2 exit ramps.

  • This simple yet engaging theme set can be added to any Kullerbu set or enjoyed as an early introduction to the Kullerbu system. Kullerbü is the perfect combination of wood and plastic parts and highlights the advantages of each material making this sturdy play system from HABA one that will last for your childs entire childhood - and beyond.
  • With the jolly ball convertible, the Kullerbü ball can find a car for iteself. The children push the ball on four wheels through the archway, and if they feel like it, the ball simply “climbs out” and continues to roll on its own. Thanks to its large parts, which can’t be swallowed (ball Ø: 1 3/4 inches), they ensure playing fun for children from two years of age.
  • Set includes archway with friendly illustrations, 2 base pieces, 1 Kullerbu Betty Ball, 1 straight track, 1 ball convertible, 2 floor connectors and 2 departure ramps.
  • The beech wood, which the robust Kullerbü balls, columns, straight tracks, curves, and ramps are made from, comes from sustainable forestry within a radius of 150 km of the company’s headquarters in Bad Rodach, Germany.
  • Whenever color comes into play – whether on the balls, domino blocks, or other Kullerbü wooden elements – we use solvent-free water-based paints and stains. “Colorful” and “safe” go naturally hand-in-hand for HABA.