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Battle Buckets

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Battle Buckets from franklin Sports will take your next game room family party from boring to roaring! Be the first player or team to clear all of you pong cups, its that simple! Be careful not to get your pong ball into the tricky black cup! Battle buckets will easily set up by simply clipping the sections together without tools. There are four different game modes allowing players to play head-to-head or team-based play. Kick the party up a notch and bust out the battle buckets and let the fun begin!

LEGIT PONG BALLS - unlike the other guys, these ball bounce and bounce well. Your friend wont be able to blame the ball this time! UNIQUE DESIGN - get the night rocking with the optional rotaing base. Simply slide it on and the game gets a little tipsy! MULTIPLE WAYS TO PLAY - each game is never the same, you can play 2 to 4 players for individual play and 2 v 2 team based play! EASY CLEAN - Parties with the kids can get a little crazy, so we designed this set 100% waterproof for easy clean-up TOOL FREE - spend less time fumbling around the junk drawer looking for tools and more time playing with your friends and family!