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Flight Pogo Stick - Black

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More than bouncing!
The Flight Pogo Stick is more than just bouncing around. It is durable and springy enough to handle those high and hardcore tricks. If youre looking for some pogo parkour, this is the pogo stick for you.

Durable Contstruction
With a hydro-formed steel body, industrial-strength steel springs, and welded diamond footplates, there is almost nothing this Pogo cant take.

Jump Tricks
The Flight Pogo Stick was made for performance and well, Flight! What cool tricks will you learn to do?

Bigger Bounce
If youre looking to get some real air, the industrial-strength steel springs and piston are more than strong enough to deliver.

Features: LFS Tech - Low Friction Spring Technology - Offering a quieter, smoother & higher bounce. Progressive Spring - Wider weight range, offering more height and dampens sudden stops when stick bottoms out. Durable hydro-formed steel shell Industrial strength concealed steel springs - For hours of fun and long term use and abuse Strong Steel Piston with replaceable sphere tip - Provides higher bounce, more control and better balance and comfort. Welded foot plates - For better stability, control and advanced tricks, (stalls and grinds). Real Grips - Co-molded rubber. Perfect for athletes looking for a higher bounce, big air tricks, flatland precision, and stalls.

Age: 9+
Max Weight: 180 lbs
Materials: Steel/Rubber
Dimensions: 11"L x 2.2"W x 41"H
Weight: 6 lbs