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Engino 30 Models Set

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The inventor basic series by Engino was designed to help children maximize creativity and imagination. Kids can create many different models in each of the sets, including cars, planes, cranes, helicopters and many more! The 30 Models kit is great for both beginners and intermediate users. Featuring 193 pieces and 938 connecting points, this kit contains enough resources to build moderately large models that can be driven by the included 3 volt motor. The Engino models system is made from multi-faceted rods and connects that all share a unique geometrical design for connectivity. This system allows for both simple and complex creations to be created quickly. Eight of the major models have detailed instructions included in the kit. But instructions for 22 other models can be downloaded from the Engino website. A construction kit such as this is only limited by the childs imagination. For ages 6 and up. Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included).