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Electronics Workshop_1

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Discover the digital world with this unique introduction to electronics. Follow the story of Robert M-3, a young robot in the year 2069, who is beginning his education in electronics with an apprenticeship to Sirius Armstrong, the chief electrical engineer on an enormous space station orbiting Earth. As you read about Roberts lessons in electronics, you will conduct experiments alongside him using your Electronics Workshop console. Start by assembling simple circuits with blinking LEDs and resistors, as Robert travels from Earth to the space station. Once there, he goes from department to department, fixing electrical systems and devices, while you work alongside him. In the Mars Department, you attend to tasks in the space stations oxygen-supplying greenhouses, such as building moisture sensors for the planters and a timer for controlling oxygen levels. Here, you learn about current, voltage, and resistance. In the Uranus Department, you repair malfunctioning sensors on robots, build a battery tester to test Roberts power supply, and conduct experiments with his transistors and capacitors. You continue through six more departments, learning about the space stations security, communications, cleaning, entertainment, and educational systems, while getting increasingly advanced lessons in electronics. By the end, you and Robert will have earned the rank of Space Electronics Assistant First Class. Electronics Workshop 1 is a captivating combination of reading and science, with fanciful stories that enliven the experiments, making for a fun learning experience. Full-color, 68-page experiment manual. Ages 10 and up.