Dragamonz-Kidding Around NYC



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SMASH TO UNLEASH: Hidden inside each uniquely sculpted Dragamonz egg is a collectible figure waiting to be unleashed! Half dragon, half animal, all the fun - each Dragamonz has its own rarity, personality and powers to equip them in battle. Smash the egg open to reveal your Dragamonz! Build your collection and keep track with the special collectors card found in every pack!
OVER 70 TO COLLECT: Build your army and collect over 70 Dragamonz, including Commons, Rare Mystics and Legendary Mystics! Every figure is from 1 of 6 factions and comes in a dynamic battle pose with detailed features and colors to match its faction. Will you find the Rare Mystics and Legendary Mystics?
TRADING CARD BATTLE GAME: Face off against friends and become the ultimate dragon master when you play the Dragamonz Trading Card Game! The Dragon Pack includes a figure, a dragon card and an assortment of 5 different battle cards as a base to add to your collection and build your battle decks. Collect rare, super rare and foil battle cards!
EXTEND YOUR GAME PLAY: Further immerse yourself in the powerful world of Dragamonz - scan in your dragon cards and play in the free augmented reality app (compatible with iOS and Android devices)! The Dragamonz Dragon Pack makes a great gift idea for boys aged 5 and up.