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Déjà Vu Game

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Is Seeing Believing?
Most games get easier the more you play them, but not Déjà Vu—its the only family game that gets more challenging the more you play. Flip over cards and look at the images. When you think you’re seeing an object for the second time, race to grab it. Your memory can play tricks on you in the first round because many objects look similar. But the game has three rounds, so your memorys tricks get even trickier as play continues and you’re seeing objects again and again or are you?

• Everyone plays at once
• Without rule changes, the game gets more challenging the more it’s played
• Thick, high-quality pieces and oversized cards
• Visual memory makes this a great family game
• No need to cheat to keep kids in the game-they can easily win on their own

Ages 8+, 2-6 players