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SIMPLE GAMEPLAY - Players take turns flipping over scoops of ice cream featuring a number, then decide whether to add it on top of their growing cone or flip it back into place. Players can only add a scoop to a cone if its value is greater than their current top scoop. First player to reach 10 scoops wins.
MEMORY AND DEDUCTION GAME FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY - Pay attention to each of the scoops that your opponents flip back. Remember the cards location for future draws as you build your ConeZILLA.
STRATEGIC FUN FOR ALL AGES - This memory game is fun for the whole family. Despite its simple rules, it presents a fun and intricate challenge for all skill levels! Recommended for kids 6 years and up.
EDUCATIONAL PLAYTIME - ConeZILLA helps children understand number values and numerical order by identifying and comparing their newly drawn card with their current top card.
CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED - ConeZilla has been awarded the 2018 Family Game of the Year in Europe and has received a Seal of Excellence from Creative Child Magazine.