Colorforms Silly Faces Game-Kidding Around NYC


Colorforms Silly Faces Game

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CLASSIC COLORFORMS GAME PLAY! - This spin ’n stick preschool game is easy to learn and fun to play for the whole family!
COLORFORMS STICK LIKE MAGIC! No cutting, no glue, no mess. Peel & stick pieces let you play over and over again, a new adventure every time!
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION - It’s a race to make the silliest face in this smile-filled classic game that sticks like magic! Spin the spinner and land on a face space to fill, then choose from a wacky assortment of re-stickable Colorforms pieces to stick on your face card. The first one to complete a whole silly face wins the game. Features characters from the new Netflix series Charlie’s Colorforms City
SET INCLUDES - 68 Re-stickable Colorforms pieces, 6 game cards, gameboard with spinner, instructions, and play & store box
RECOMMENDED for ages 3 and up. For 2 to 6 players