Bruder 02754 MAN TGA Crane Truck Vehicle-Kidding Around NYC
Bruder 02754 MAN TGA Crane Truck Vehicle


Bruder 02754 MAN TGA Crane Truck Vehicle

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MAN TGA Crane truck (without Light and Sound Module)
Kids will reach new heights with this functioning crane truck! Pop on the stabilizing legs that store in the back and crank out the crane to move heavy loads and reach the tallest points, or tilt the truck cab forward to reveal a detailed engine. The telescopic and height-adjustable crane unit swivels 360 and features a locking mechanism for the hook. Other features include rubber-like wheels and a toolbox that opens and closes.

Drivers cab:
- Drivers cabin can be tilted
- Folding outside mirror
- Possibility to view the engine block

Automotive body:
- Crane body can be turned through 360°

Vehicle frame:
- tread tires

The tipping drivers cab of the MAN crane lorry provides a view of the engine block. The mirror of the drivers cab can be folded out. The crane attachment can be swivelled by 360° and the crane arm with hook moved out by operating the rotary wheel and the height adjusted by hydraulics. The winch is fully functional using a crank handle. A release button speeds up the lowering of loads. Four support legs ensure stability. Tread tires and enclosed toolbox complete the picture.

Dimensions: 16.7 x 6.9 x 9.5 inches
Made in Germany; Manufactured from high-quality plastics such as ABS; Scale 1:16