Bruder 02825 MACK Granite Dump Truck With Snow Plow Blade-Kidding Around NYC


Bruder 02825 MACK Granite Dump Truck With Snow Plow Blade

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The "incredibly" Realistic drivers cabin with its doors that can be opened, the tilting engine bonnet, providing a view of the engine block, the foldable rear-view mirrors, and the many add-on accessories, which give the its chrome look, make this truck a true feast for the eyes of every truck fan. On winter days with thick snowfall, powerful helpers are required to assist road traffic. The plow blade makes snow-covered landscapes even more fun for children. The flags that can be attached to the left and right of the plough Blade make it look even more realistic. This item comes with light and sound module 02801.

Dimensions: 21 x 7. 4 x 8 inches
Working lights and sounds, even flags for the plow blade
Made in Germany; Constructed out of fade-resistant, high-quality ABS plastic with no glue or screws