Bruder 02818 MACK Granite Liebherr Crane Truck-Kidding Around NYC


Bruder 02818 MACK Granite Liebherr Crane Truck

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Bruders Mack granite liebherr crane truck carries a crane the extends to 50" tall with an extension piece that Snaps on the end of the Boom. Allowing full range for your jobs. The Telescopic and height adjustable jib works with a patented adjusting cylinder. The cabin has a sliding panel for easy access. There is a Stabilizer to ensure the highest degree of stability. Is a device for quick & noiseless lowering of the die cast hook, 4 outriggers as well as a counter weight that can be filled with sand to balance the load of the crane. It carries swing out mirrors and soft rubber like sculptured tired and a view of the unit when the hood is unlatched.

Drivers cab:
- Folding outside mirror
- Engine bonnet can be opened

Automotive body:
- All doors of the structure can be opened
- Fold-out and fold-down support legs
- Counterweight can be fixed with holding bracket
- Counterweight can be filled with sand or gravel
- Crane boom can be extended as one piece with adjusting knob and locking mechanism
- Crane boom can be extended with crane boom tip attached to the side
- Sliding door with snap-in function
- Crane attachment swivels by 360°
- Fender, front panel, bonnet ornament, rear-view mirrors, exhaust pipes, roof lights, fanfares, and frame add-ons with chrome look

Vehicle frame:
- Tread tires

- Fully functional cable reel drive with specially developed overload protection

Dimensions: 26 x 7.3 x 10.6 inches, extends to 50 inch tall
Made in Germany; Made of highest-quality ABS plastic; Scale 1:16