Bruder 02591 Land Rover Defender Pick Up [Colors May Vary]-Kidding Around NYC


Bruder 02591 Land Rover Defender Pick Up [Colors May Vary]

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Land Rover Defender Pick Up. Drivers cabin made with transparent high quality polycarbonate and the doors can be opened. Doors, tailgates and hood can be opened, while hood support allows for realistic engine block viewing. Spare wheel on tailgate, removable rear bench seat, chasis has removable drawbar coupling and includes a front (steerable) and rear axle suspension. Additional steering rod allows steering through sliding roof.

Automotive body:
- Engine bonnet can be opened
- Bonnet opens, featuring fold-out bonnet holder to give a detailed view of the engine block

Vehicle frame:
- Spring-loaded front and rear axles with 4 steel strings
- Incl. removable drawbar coupling

Dimensions: 11 x 5.4 x 5.6 inches
Made in Germany; Manufactured from high-quality ABS plastics; scale 1:16
*Colors May Vary