Birdie Golf-Kidding Around NYC


Birdie Golf

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REAL GOLF ACTION WITH A TWIST - this new take on the classic game combines golf and badminton
ACTIVE PLAY FOR ALL AGES & SKILL LEVELS – a fun game kids, teens & adults can play and enjoy together
BIRDIES ARE BETTER THAN BALLS - with built-in stands, the easy-to-hit birdies stay in play and wont roll away
CREATE YOUR OWN COURSE AND PLAY ANYWHERE - just throw the flag and hit the birdies to play a round any place you choose
CREATIVE DESIGN FOR OPEN-ENDED PLAY – never play the same hole twice, keeps the game interesting and exciting no matter how much you play
INCLUDES EVERYTHING TO PLAY RIGHT AWAY: set includes 2 Clubs, 1 Flag, 4 Birdies and 1 Caddy Pack