Bakery Shop Starter Set

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Bakery Shop Starter Set

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Calico Critters Bakery Shop Starter Set turns your Red Roof Cozy Cottage and Family Picnic Van into a bakery playset! This dollhouse furniture and accessory set features an awning, displays, shelving, a brick oven and over 20 unique pastries and bread, everything you need to start a bakery. Brick oven bakes the bread! Simply place the baking tray with dough into the oven, close the door and turn the dial, and out pops a fully baked loaf! Sell your bread to the families of Calico Village using the cash register, with working cash drawer. Play together with the Red Roof Cozy Cottage, and Family Picnic Van (each sold separately) for more fun, and to turn your bakery into a mobile business.

* Features working bakery oven, shelving, displays, baskets, and 20 bakery items to start your own bakery!

* Includes bakers hat and apron which can be worn by child size Calico Critters figures

* Place baking tray in the oven, close the door and rotate the dial and out pops a fully baked loaf! Then, make a sale with the working cash register.