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Gumball Machine Maker

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Build your own gumball machine with this science kit thats part marble run, Part roller coaster, Part pinball machine!
Each segment of track teaches a different lesson in mechanical physics, exploring topics such as simple machines, force, motion, momentum, gravity, Newtons laws, energy transfer, and more.
Track segments are modular and can be easily moved around to create an almost limitless number of different gumball machines.
As they roll down the tracks, the gumballs perform cool stunts via a pulley lift, pendulum, funnel, trampoline, pinball launcher, domino slide, and more!
The kit works with standard machine-size, 16-mm (5/8-inch) gumballs, the a small supply of gumballs are included to get you started.
A parents Choice silver award winner
Skill Level: Novice