Bruder 02821 MACK Granite Fire Engine With Water Pump-Kidding Around NYC


Bruder 02821 MACK Granite Fire Engine With Water Pump

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What could be more exciting than playing firemen? The newest vehicle in the BRUDER fire brigade range is the MACK Granite Fire engine with telescoping ladder. As well as many small details such as opening doors, mirrors that fold back, opening hood and lots of chrome parts, the vehicle has an integrated water tank that can be easily filled. This allows the water hose to actually shoot water. The water hose can be wound up, held by BRUDER figures (e. g. art. no. 60000 – not supplied), or secured to the basket. It also has a fully functioning nozzle. The turntable ladder with rescue basket can be extended by a hand-wheel and adjusted in height. The cab has two seats and there is another seat for a BRUDER figure on the ladder. Four extendible support legs ensure vehicle stability in any situation and a large storage compartment with a door which folds up means there is extra space for storing tools.

Drivers cab:
- Folding outside mirror
- Possibility to view the engine block
- Doors can be opened

Automotive body:
- Holder for hose nozzle on ladder basket
- Stabilizer legs of this backhoe extends to the ground
- Loading box and side storage compartment with door that opens
- Water hose that can be rolled up with a crank
- Engine bonnet can be opened
- Figure can sit down on the ladder

Vehicle frame:
- Tread tires

- Tank can be filled with water
- Rotating ladder
- Works with water
- Functioning pump

Dimensions: 24.8 x 7.8 x 10.4 inches
Includes a Mack fire truck and removable light and sound module (item 02801) with 4 functional buttons for engine noise, police yelp, police siren, fire siren
Made in Germany; Constructed out of fade-resistant, high-quality ABS plastic with no glue or screws