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Baby Doll Feeding Set

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PlanToys Baby Doll Feeding Set encourages children to learn to take care of their dolls and furry friends, and to develop empathy for younger siblings. This pretend play set includes a baby food storage container, spoon, baby bib, water/ milk bottle, and a formula bottle. The diaper bag can be hung over the handles of a stroller (see PlanToys item 3496 Doll Stroller), and is a great storage bag for tidying up when playtime is done. The items in this 6 piece set have been designed to fit into a preschoolers small hands: the bag measures 6.9 x 2.8 x 4.1 inches. This delightful baby doll feeding set helps to develop s since of caring through role play. All PlanToys products are made from rubber wood trees which no longer produce latex. The rubberwood used is free of chemicals and is kiln dried to assure it remains chemical free. Our toys are assembled using a certified E-Zero formaldehyde free glue. Organic pigments and water-based dyes are then used to add color. A PlanToys toy is safe for your child, and minimizes the environmental impact too. Suitable for children 2 years and older.