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Vet Set

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Vet set by Plan Toys. Full contents includes, stethoscope, cone collar, medicine bottle, syringe, thermometer, X-ray plates, pet tag and a handy veterinarian bag to put it all in. Suitable from age 3. Bag measures 21cm wide,18cm wide, 9cm deep.

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  • 9 Piece Veterinarian Set includes needle and vaccine bottle, thermometer, stethoscope, bandage, collar,2 x-rays, and a cotton bag to carry all the Doctors equipment.
  • Bag measures 3.1 x 8.5 x 5.7 and pieces are right-sized for pre-school children. Recommended for children 3 years and older.
  • Role playing a Vet promotes creative play, imagination, empathy for animals, dexterity, and fine motor skills
  • PlanToys recognizes that parents want to see their children develop successfully, our manufacturing and toy design methods are derived from our passion for child development. We intentionally design our toys to help promote physical, emotional, social and intellectual development. Children learn a tremendous amount through play, and our hope is that our educational toys serve as helpful tools in their growth.
  • Wood pieces are made from hardwood in Thailand using water based dyes, organic pigments, formaldehyde-free glues, and sustainable manufacturing techniques.