Vera Kruselings Doll Deluxe-Kidding Around NYC


Vera Kruselings Doll Deluxe

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The Kruselings are five girls, all age 10, who live on different continents. But when Luna, Vera, Sofia, Joy and Chloe are summoned by the ‘Fire Opal’, a mysterious power turns them into the Kruselings, the Guardians of Dreamland. Their role is to end nightmares and make sure sweet dreams can be had by all, and they can do this because they are such good friends and work so well together as a team, where their individual strengths and magical abilities are so much more powerful when used together.

Vera is from Paris, France. Her dream is to be a great ballerina. With her magic ribbon she can trace beautiful forms in the air and make all things dance.

Suggested for ages 3 and up.