Plan Toy Geometric Sorting Board



  • Plan Toy Geometric Sorting Board
  • Plan Toy Geometric Sorting Board
  • Plan Toy Geometric Sorting Board
  • Plan Toy Geometric Sorting Board

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Children are endlessly taking things apart and putting them together, only to pull them apart again. This ageless game is capitalized upon by the award-winning Geometric Sorting Board. It focuses on attention-getting, easily grasped shapes that come in four colors. The challenge is to find which shape fits on which set of pegs. The circles have one hole, the rectangles two, the triangles three, and the squares four. They are perfectly sized to fit on a finger, too. Making different color patterns, counting, or stating the color before putting it on the 7-inch square wood base adds interest as your child develops a skill. Note: Winner of the Good Toy Award fromParentmagazine.--Lynne Sampson

From the Manufacturer

Plan Toy Geometric Sorting Board is a wooden pegboard that lets children sort and stack the colorful shapes according to the number of holes in each one. Experiment with shapes and color. Hone fine motor skills while fitting pieces on the board. It encourages counting, shape recognition, color recognition and early math skills. This toy is made from all natural organic recycled rubber wood and colored with water based dyes. Plan uses an entirely "green" toy making process in order to promote sustainable living and healthy lifestyles.

  • A Set Of Four Geometric Shapes Which Can Be Stacked Together According To The Number Of Holes In The Middle Of Each One
  • Instills Early Math Concepts Through Play
  • Teaches Shape Recognition And Early Geometry
  • Winner Of The Good Toy Award From Parent Magazine
  • Teaches Color And Pattern Recognition Through Play