Pepper Mint In The Magnificent Mars Expedition-Kidding Around NYC


Pepper Mint In The Magnificent Mars Expedition

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Join Pepper Mint, a creative young scientist, as she heads off on an out-of-this world mission to the red Planet!
Build a rocket ship experiment-and-play station and Mars rover and conduct experiments alongside pepper Mint.
Investigate magnetism as you Discover magnetic fields with iron powder, help pepper Mint hover in the air using magnetic forces, control the Mars rover with a bar magnet, and more!
Fun, character-driven STEM kit that includes a 24-page, full-color storybook manual and experiment guide.
Rocket ship Playset can be used as the setting for your own unique Explorations and stories; combine with models from other award-winning pepper Mint STEM kits to embark on a creative and educational playtime adventure, limited only by ones imagination!