Mini Bricks Construction Mayan Pyramid (750 Pc)-Kidding Around NYC


Mini Bricks Construction Mayan Pyramid (750 Pc)

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A wonderful gift for creative kids and imaginative adults, this building set has all the pieces and parts to make an authentically styles Mayan pyramid kid. Designed to assemble and then take apart and re-build as you like. The pyramid kit includes 750 plaster/ceramic bricks and tiles. Plus non-toxic, non-permanent glue. Ages 5+.

Stone and brick have been the construction material of great building projects for thousands of years. Introduce your young builder to these materials with these quality sets from Wise Elk. Realistic-looking stones, bricks, and tiles are made from plaster and are connected with safe, non-toxic glue. Sets also include a cardboard base on which to build your project and an instruction booklet to guide the building process. 

This kit inspires social interaction, teamwork and the desire to achieve results. Plaster bricks are unique eco-friendly alternative to plastic blocks.

Toy: the modeling of the Pyramid

  • You are holding a real treasure of the builder. In this box is the material from which you can pick up a real pyramid
  • It possible to disassemble and to create new pyramid to realize the wildest imagination
  • This unusual toy will help the kids realize their creative potential
  • The details of the model easily join together with glue. Manufacturing and binding of the model makes it not only durable but also universal. To dismantle the building, just leave it in 30 minutes in water and details ready to use again

Natural material: gypsum,

these sets do not just snap together, more advance thinking, planning, and fine motor skills are required. Dont worry, though - if you mess up on your project, soaking it in water dissolves the glue so you can rebuild it. Projects include generic structures such as a mill, lighthouse, and church, but also more advanced historic buildings such as a Mayan pyramid and the Lighthouse of Alexandria. The finished models have an air of quality that anyone can be proud of.