Lava Smart Egg Labyrinth Puzzle Toy



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Smart Egg - Lava is a revolutionary brainteaser from University Games. This egg-shaped labyrinth requires spatial memory, dexterity, excellent logic and problem-solving skills.
The toy consists of two parts: an egg shaped body and the want with a small ball on each end. But there's more to this brainteaser than meets the eye. Inside the egg is a hidden labyrinth. Insert the wand into the egg from the top and then manipulate through the labyrinth, using the holes and paths inside. Do it right and you'll be able to withdraw the wand from the bottom of the egg. Race the clock, or race your friends to see how fast you can solve your Smart Egg puzzle. Additional Smart Eggs are available and every one has a different labyrinth inside. (Each sold separately.)
Smart Egg labyrinth puzzles are fun for adults and children 8+. Egg measures 2'' x 2.5''. Wand is 3'' long.

  • 9-12 years
  • Games

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