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Helio Educational Base Station

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Product Description

Helio is an education and entertainment based light projector with interchangeable discs. The Helio base station comes with 5 discs including underwater animals, solar system, speed of animals, sleep hours for animals and a tropical theme. Enjoy your initial set of five discs. Help your child enjoy learning from creatively illuminated lessons plans projected on the ceiling from the comfort of your home. Helio comes with a 3.7 lithium ion battery that, after charged, will shine for about 18 hours. Not only is Helio perfect for bedtime- Helio is great for camping, in the car, and even during a power outage! The educational and entertainment based interchangeable discs are sold separately. Content includes sight words, math, states, Presidents, science, and much more!

From the Manufacturer

Educating bright minds

Helio is a proven educational tool supported by educators themselves. The content is both educational and entertaining. Children have fun while learning, and enjoy the interactive time with their parental figures. Helio encourages family time as well as safety for children in their own rooms as they get ready for bed each night. Helio also has proven to increase educational retention levels for children. Studies from Harvard University and many other credible institutions show that learning is far more effective before bedtime.

Designed by Parents and Teachers for today's children

As a father of two active boys, I know what it takes to get kids to sit down and focus on learning after school. Helio offers an easy alternative solution to get children that extra time of education and make learning easier and more engaging.

Patent pending "key" formation

Helio has designed a fool proof way to interchange each disc. Our Patent pending "Key" pattern ensures that discs will only project if properly placed on the base station.

3.7Volt Rechargeable battery offers 18 hours of use

The Helio base station unit comes with the option for standard plug-in and rechargeable battery. Enabling flexibility for use of the unit anywhere.

Digital clock with LED timing cycles

Each helio base station comes with a digital clock and settings for the LED projection cycles.

Helio ...educating bright minds

Helio was designed to make learning fun, easy and entertaining. Children of all ages will benefit from its multi functionality and mobility. Helio's education professionals have and will continue to develop content for all imaginations. Children are never to young to learn...And its never too late to start with Helio.

About the Startup

Describe your product in 3 words.

Educational Fun Interactive

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

My oldest son was struggling with his sight words in kindergarten. So I reverse engineered another projection unit and made interchangeable curriculums of site words that beamed up on the ceiling for him to learn as he went to bed. He went from a shy kid who had difficulty learning, with no class confidence to a bright confident boy who shot to the top of his class. From there, our content grew and so did the concept of sharing this with other children. His teacher has seen the product, and now fully endorses it, as well as provides educational content for it.

What makes your product special?

It works. Children huddle around it, they love playing with it. And it lets their imagination run wild while they are learning.

What has been the best part of your startup experience?

The best and most rewarding part of the startup experience has been seeing the children's amazing reaction when they first turn on the Helio base station. The look of excitement never gets old. I cannot wait to share this concept with all children around the world.

  • Helio base station: is a toy/light projector that emits LED light through a series of educational and entertaining discs.
  • Helio can be used to play games, study, and have interaction family fun. In addition to these, helio also helps provide with soothing light before going to bed.
  • All base stations comes with the 5 starter disc set: Tropical Night Theme, Speed of Animals, Solar System, Sleep Times, Marine Life
  • Grows with children – educational content can be grade-specific to match your child’s level and interests
  • Travels easily – fully portable for hours of enjoyment w/ rechargeable battery. Take it with you camping, on vacation or for sleepovers. Or enjoy in any room of the house