Hasbro HSBC2341 Star Wars Feature Lightsaber



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The lightsaber is the signature weapon of the heroic jedi It is an elegant weapon designed to take advantage of a jedis unique skills With the jedi power lightsaber kids can imagine their own epic adventures as a powerful jedi defending freedom and peace across the galaxy Grab the hilt to touchactivate the original epic star wars theme song Press the button to light up the blade and hear lightsaber clashing sounds The blade extends with a flick of the wrist and kids can use the included lightdagger separately or attach it to the hilt for a double bladed lightsaber Once the blade is activated swing the lightsaber to hear more clashing sounds Combine with lightsabers from the bladebuilders system and create a custom lightsaber Features. Star wars feature lightsaberSpecifications. Age Range 4 Plus. Release Date 42979. Weight 6102 lbs


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