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Goodi Plush

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Roooz Planet proudly introduces one of their stuffed animals, Gooodi the clever.
Gooodi may be quiet and shy, but he’s very smart and a great problem solver. When a kid has a question, Gooodi is sure to have the answer!

Gooodi is not your ordinary alien. Rather than spook or scare, Gooodi is ready to comfort – anytime and anywhere! Light as a feather and soft as a cloud, it’s intelligent Gooodi to the rescue when tantrums strike or bedtime arrives. With such captivating colors and features – like his bright orange spikes! – Gooodi is the brainy, bashful, beloved plushie your child will treasure as they grow!

Roooz Planet proudly introduces their original, unique collection of stuffed animals. They are not just plush toys, they are plush friends. Roozians are plush toys to awaken a child’s imagination. Every child would love to play with these funny and friendly stuffed animals.

Age: 3+
Size: 15"
Material: Luxurious super soft plush fabric, Polyester filler
Spot-clean with a damp cloth and let him air dry

Tested against & passed U.S, Europe, and Australia plush toy safety standards.