Flite School RC Helicopter Accessory LiteHawk-Kidding Around NYC


Flite School RC Helicopter Accessory LiteHawk

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Take your flying to the next level by creating loops, landing pads and full flight courses!
Fliteschool comes with everything you need to set up awesome obstacle courses for your Litehawk, Litehawk Pro or Litehawk XL helicopters (sold separately). Time yourself or compete against friends! Simply use the flexible tubes and connectors to make circles for your Litehawk RC helicopter to fly through or land in. And thanks to the glow in the dark tubes, you can fly day or night!

Flite School R/C Helicopter Accessory by LiteHawk allows you to turn any space into an air race course!

  • Navigate through your own challenging obstacle course.
  • Lightweight, durable product that can withstand continued use.
  • Works perfectly for indoor and outdoor helicopters & airplanes with up to 18".
  • Includes: 20 colour tubes, 5 glow in the dark tubes, 25 connectors, 18 adhesives, and 5 metres of string.