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Faaar From Roooz Planet (Hardcover)

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Roooz Planet is a world of wonder and joy. Full of alien creatures known as Rooozians, this is a completely unique story and an adventure of a lifetime.

About the book

The Rooozians come to life in this charming picture book. Adventurous, reckless Dooobi tells us about life on Roooz and the unfortunate decision that ended in an accidental visit to Earth. Whimsically illustrated with rollicking rhymes make this a book that children will want to read again and again!

Kids age 2-9 fall in love with the illustrations and funny, eccentric characters. The book teaches young ones about emotions, exploration, and what it’s like to experience a new place. It’s the best picture book gift you could give your child, and one of the stories boys and girls will remember as adults.

Read this at home during bedtime and let dreams of different worlds inspire your child’s creativity. It’s also the perfect children’s book for school. Preschoolers to 4th grade students will be thoroughly entertained by the Rooozians’ journey.

Story and Illustration Style

The 3D illustrations, conceptual character designs and sweepingly vivid color presence will make a positive impression on any audience.

Love these Rooozian characters? Fantastic! We have brought the Rooozians to life as stuffed animals.

About the Author:

RooozPlanet takes its name from Rooz Mousavi, a Los Angeles-based product designer with a big imagination. After graduating from the prestigious Art Center College of Design, he spent over 15 years working for big-name companies like Disney. But his true passion has always been for designing creatures. And so the Rooozians were born. The Rooozians’ funny, whimsical appearance reflects Rooz’s own playful personality. He’s sketched over 2500 Rooozians, and more are “coming alive” each day!