Erector Evolution 4 x 4 Vehicle



  • Erector Evolution 4 x 4 Vehicle
  • Erector Evolution 4 x 4 Vehicle
  • Erector Evolution 4 x 4 Vehicle

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From the Manufacturer

The Erector set has been around for 100 years and is still the brand against which other construction sets are measured. It's a serious construction set, a sophisticated experience for the builder who has graduated from "bricks and sticks" and is looking for a bigger more satisfying challenge. Using tools, precision parts, motors, gears and pulleys, build multi-faceted toys that you can really play with and then take them apart to build something else. You are only limited by your imagination. Erector helps develop real world skills including an understanding of engineering concepts, process thinking, creative problem solving, mechanical movements and manual dexterity. All with the pride of accomplishment by building a toy of substance and value. Take you building adventures to the next level with Erector Evolution. Highly detailed with superior moving parts, Erector Evolution gives you functionality not found in any other building set. Very realistic with amazingly detailed working parts that give you fluid and real life movements. Build toys that you can really play with, create your own adventures, you're limited only by your imagination. Each Erector Evolution set comes complete with detailed instructions to build 2 models. Or stretch your creativity and build something unique to you. Erector Evolution, it's building sets, evolved.

  • Build an amazingly detailed, fully functioning off road 4X4 that you can actually play with and enjoy
  • Full function rack and pinion gear steering and heavy tread, soft rubber wheels for ultimate maneuverability in any terrain
  • Working front winch with hook to pull out the heaviest loads
  • Comes complete with customizing decals, assembly tools and a detailed instruction booklet to build 2 models
  • 320 pieces, for ages 8+