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E-Blox Circuit Blox 120 Projects

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ENCOURAGES STEM SKILL DEVELOPMENT - E-Blox’s STEM toys encourage children to use skills covered by the STEM system, helping them develop early and succeed more in school.
EDUCATIONAL - our STEM toys for 8 year olds aren’t just fun - they help children learn while they play. Keeps kids exercising critical thinking skills highlighted by the STEM system.
120 DIFFERENT PROJECTS - E-Blox’s STEM toys for 10 year olds can be used for 120 different projects. Children will learn to build things like a working FM radio, one-finger DJ, and switch-controlled appliances.
HELPS KIDS LOVE SCIENCE - frequently play with our snap circuits will help kids foster a growing love and wonder for science that will stay with them their entire lives.
PROMOTES CREATIVITY - who said science and art don’t mix? Our STEM toys for 5 year olds are designed to encourage children to utilize creative thinking skills and come up with their own solutions.